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Abandonment Retargeting Tips

Navigating the bustling world of e-commerce can feel overwhelming. So you’re getting the website traffic and site exploration you want but what do you do when a user leaves their cart without completing a purchase? Here’s our top tips when it comes to reclaiming lost opportunities and discovering best practices for crafting compelling emails that drive user engagement and transaction completion.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Cart abandonment in e-commerce occurs when a visitor to an online store adds items to their shopping cart but opts to leave the website without finalizing the purchase. Various factors contribute to this decision, and many of these issues can be addressed effectively through thoughtful email marketing strategies.

Why do customers abandon their carts?

In a survey of digital shoppers regarding cart abandonment, the leading factor cited was the high cost of shipping (63%), followed by issues with non-functional discount codes (46%) and extended shipping times (36%).

Numerous cart abandonment issues are readily addressable. Unless a customer is simply uninterested in the item, there's a high likelihood that resolving their specific concern can enhance conversion rates. Identifying the reasons behind cart abandonment allows for proactive solutions, contributing to improved overall performance.

Common cart abandonment reasons include:

- Lack of available discounts.
- Absence of express shipping options.
- Needing to re-enter credit card details.
- Limited payment methods.
- Concerns about online payment security.
- Unfavorable or unclear return/refund policies.
- Browsing, researching, or comparison shopping for a later purchase.

What strategies can you employ in email marketing to reclaim abandoned carts?

1. Showcase the Abandoned Cart:
Recreate the deserted cart within the email, displaying the exact items left behind to visually emphasize what the shopper is missing. Use emotion to your advantage and consider showcasing similar, available items at lower prices or with quicker shipping options as alternatives.

2. Provide Targeted Discounts:
Identify repeat cart abandoners, and send them tailored coupons to leverage their tendency to convert with incentives. A/B test different messages, offers, and CTAs in real time to optimize engagement. Regularly update your marketing strategy to align with changing customer preferences.

3. Address Shipping Concerns:
Bridge the shipping expectations gap by offering discounted or free shipping for a certain cart spend, demonstrating your brand's competitiveness against giants like Amazon. Alternatively, present cheaper or faster shipping options, like curbside or in-store pickup, in your follow-up email.

4. Streamline the Purchase Process:
Enhance the buying process by offering single-click, in-email purchase options for swift transactions. Establish a seamless, synchronized messaging approach across email, mobile, and web channels to create a responsive workflow based on anticipated user behaviors.

Browse Abandonment Emails

While browse abandonment emails differ from cart abandonment emails, they share the common goal of encouraging users to revisit your site and complete a purchase. Some visitors may explore your site without adding items to their cart, presenting potential sales opportunities. By collecting email addresses and sending reminders, you can capitalize on these missed chances.

The effectiveness of browse abandonment emails is evident. These emails target users who have already expressed interest and intent to purchase by exploring your site. According to Klayvio data, browse abandonment emails boast a remarkable 9.6x higher conversion rate compared to the average email campaign.

How can you utilize email marketing strategies to capture the attention of users who have abandoned their browsing?

Crafting effective browse abandonment emails requires careful consideration and strategic messaging.

1. Target the Right Customers:
Send browse abandonment emails to users who have visited your site at least twice to ensure sufficient intent for a potential purchase. First-time visitors may be less responsive to reminders.

2. Find the Right Email Balance:
Avoid overwhelming shoppers with excessive emails, but don't be too sparing either. Limit browse abandonment emails to 2-3 well-timed reminders.

3. Perfect Timing:
Send the first browse abandonment email within a few hours of the abandoned session to maintain brand recall.

4. Encourage Questions and Be Responsive:
Invite customers to ask questions and provide contact information to help ensure a positive customer service experience.

5. Optimize the Call to Action (CTA):
Make the return-to-site link easily accessible by using a large, prominent button that customers can't overlook.

6. Incorporate Product Recommendations:

Utilize browse abandonment emails for up-sells and cross-sells by suggesting relevant items based on the user's browsing history.

Indivizio Pixel Integration

Consider enhancing your cart and browse abandonment email strategy by integrating Indivizio Pixel. With a high match rate and user verification, Indivizio Pixel provides valuable insights for personalized retargeting. By utilizing our pixel technology, you can identify and convert anonymous site visitors who abandon their carts, enabling effective remarketing through channels such as email campaigns, direct mail, media buying, signals, and CRM marketing. This streamlined process, incorporating the usage of our pixel to identify the anonymous users who leave a site without leaving a trace, ensures quick implementation, helping businesses collect valuable data and generate incremental revenue.

Incorporating these insights into your marketing strategy, along with the integration of Indivizio Pixel for cart abandonment, could help you reclaim lost opportunities, engage users effectively, and drive transaction completion. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, a thoughtful approach to abandonment retargeting, coupled with innovative tools like Indivizio Pixel, can be key factors in achieving sustained success.


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