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Convert Anonymous Users Into Customers

We unlock the true potential of your website traffic.

Indivizio ensures that every visitor who leaves your site without converting becomes an opportunity, not a loss.

The Challenge

Pain around abandoned users

  • Loss of Intent

    Loss of high intent users

    On average, 90+% of visitors leave a website without converting

  • Ad Spend

    Ad spend lost

    Media buying isn’t easy, and it is expensive. How much of your media buying is wasted each month?

  • Limited Insights

    Limited User Insights

    We often lack detailed information about our visitors, making it challenging to understand user behavior and preferences

You worked hard & paid for the traffic, capitalize on it

The Solution

Indivizio’s Pixel

  • High Match

    High Match Rate

    With a simple pixel implementation, Indivizio identifies your anonymous site visitors at a 75+% match rate

  • User Verification

    User Verification

    Indivizio verifies every user record before posting it to you, including e-mail, name, and postal address

  • Additional Insights

    Additional Insights

    Indivizio can provide the user record with enriched attributes for retargeting across any channel

  • Converters Exclusion

    Converters Exclusion

    for maximum new consumer generation

  • Geo Targeting

    URL & GEO filtering

    are also included

Social Icons

How to use your matched pixel data:

One pixel, many uses.

Remarket to your anonymous abandons

1 | Email: Send email campaigns to your otherwise anonymous visitors

2 | Direct Mail: Deliver to their mailbox as well as their inbox

3 | Media Buying: Use data as custom audiences wherever you currently buy media; Social, Native, Display, etc.

4 | Signals: Leverage your existing permissions to trigger other marketing channels like SMS, Push messages or phone calls.

5 | CRM Marketing: Build your media database with high intent users


Place Pixel

Place Indivizio Pixel

Our streamlined integration process can have you collecting your anonymous visitor data the same day.

Convert Users

Convert Anonymous Users into Customers

Easily ingest the data and build your database of newly identified users.

Incremental Revenue

Generate Incremental Revenue

Re-engage your audiences with custom messaging, leading to more effective communication and revenue that would otherwise be lost.

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