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Engage your audience with Indivizio Push

Unlock the power of direct communication with your audience through our cutting-edge browser and mobile push notification marketing.

Indivizio Push platform engages your Push subscribers to boost engagement and maximize conversions.

It's That Simple

What Indivizio Push can do

  • subscriber list

    Build Push subscriber list with Indivizio Push and offer them relevant product and services based on their intent to purchase.

  • push

    Deliver Push messages directly to subscribers on their computer and mobile device to engage them with personalized ads.

  • add revenue

    Add incremental revenue to your bottom line with Indivizio Push marketing generating new customers.

Engage your audience with Indivizio Push

Why Push?

Browser Push Notifications

  • capture users

    Capture users who
    are otherwise lost

    Perfectly compliment your email and media buying efforts using a bigger net; many users who don’t convert still say yes to push notifications & Indivizio provides this valuable service

  • personalized engagement

    Personalized Engagement

    Indivizio gets to know your push subscribers and serves relevant content & offers that they want, adding significant incremental revenue to your bottom line.

  • increased visibility

    Increased Visibility

    Push notifications offer a prominent position on desktop and mobile screens, ensuring higher visibility compared to email or social media. Push messages are front and center, not buried in an inbox and ensure top of mind marketing even when not initially clicked

Cart Push@3x
Consumer - Push@3x
Auto Insurance - Push@3x

What We Offer

1 | Push Subscribers
Indivizio builds your push subscriber list, an asset for your company and additional means of engagement to your users.

2 | Re-marketing
Indivizio re-markets your abandons back to your offer with push notifications and a single click.

3 | Monetization
Indivizio’s AI driven solution gets to know your subscribers, serving them more of what they want and less of what they don’t to maximize revenue while minimizing fatigue. We treat the subscribers the way we would like to be treated.

4 | Push Traffic
In a world where most push subscribers are bombarded, we do things quite differently. Leverage Indivizio’s high quality push traffic to your campaigns and offers.

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